Minimum height to be a flight attendant

Is there a minimum height requirement to work as a flight attendant? Are there any factors that can affect the minimum height requirement that some airlines list on job postings?

One common reason for minimum height requirements leads to one point: safety. That reason is flight attendants must be able to reach emergency equipment stored in overhead bins. The factor that may affect the minimum height an airline lists in a flight attendant job posting is the plane(s) they have. Some planes, like regional jets, are relatively small on the interior, and the overhead bins are easily reachable. For those planes, it’s likely they can accept persons of smaller height than on larger planes, such as the A320, B787, A350. If they have emergency equipment stored in overhead compartments, their crewmembers may need to be a greater height to reach and grab the emergency equipment.

Wikipedia contains content discussing the height of flight attendants. While I do not see Wikipedia as 100% credible or authoritative as its content is user-generated and subject to revision by anyone, often it does contain fairly good, if not accurate information. The FAA provides an official definition of flight attendant under the Flight Attendant Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency document.

If you want to apply to work as a flight attendant and you’re concerned about your height, read each flight attendant job posting carefully. If it specifies a minimum height requirement and your height is less than specified, it’s likely they won’t hire you. However, if you don’t see any height requirement, go for it and apply for the job! The airline will let you know if you meet their height requirements as some airlines perform a reach test. Regardless of what is written in this article, it is 100% up to you to decide whether you want to apply or not. This is only referenced information for what is likely to be true. The airline is the decisionmaker whether a person meets their criteria, and no one else.

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