Baby Belts in the USA

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Can Baby Belts be used in the United States on a United States registered airline? They’re permitted for use in European countries and other parts of the world.

In the United States, belly belts are prohibited from being used in any aircraft, and the aircraft manufacturer is irrelevant. It was found years ago that during testing at the FAA’s Civil Aviation Medical Institute (CAMI), during dynamic testing, when the plane decelerated and the baby was held in the parent’s lap using a belly belt, the forces against the infant by the parent would severely injure or kill the infant.

Can your non-United States airline use belly belts? It all depends upon the regulatory authority that has oversight responsibility for your airline. For example, the European regulatory authority permits their use, so belly belts are allowed and are used on European airlines. Where the plane is manufactured does not determine the airline’s permission to use them.

Could there be other safety aspects that come into consideration? Yes, but that is for you to decide whether to permit the use of baby belts through acceptance by your Civil Aviation Authority, or choose to prohibit them. Remember, airline policy can always be more restrictive than regulation, but never less restrictive.

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