Ask for help if you can’t find your phone

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Ask a flight attendant for help if you drop your phone

Almost everyone brings onboard their cell phone, and occasionally one gets dropped and the passenger can’t figure out where it went. When you can’t immediately see the phone, it’s possible it fell into a gap between the seat cushions. When this happens, passengers should stop and ask a flight attendant for assistance. The worst thing a passenger can do it move the seat position looking for the phone. 

Why would that be such a bad idea to do? When a phone is bent, it has a high probability of bending and rupturing the lithium battery. When that happens, the battery will rapidly overheat and burst into flames. Now, instead of getting your phone back, passengers get a hot seat instead, and no phone to take off the plane as it will be fully destroyed by the fire and subsequent soaking to prevent reignition.

If you drop your phone, ask a flight attendant for help. They can help you find your phone, and at the same time, prevent an emergency from occurring.


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