Flight Attendant Training – Human Trafficking

Here is a compilation of videos covering numerous topics related to human trafficking:

  • Human trafficking happening right in front of us
  • How to spot human trafficking – learning the signs of someone in distress
  • Survivor stories
  • Those sold into sex slavery
  • Stopping human trafficking in aviation and success stories.

Everyone, which includes you, can make a difference and save people from the domestic and international criminal enterprise of modern-day slavery.

Human trafficking right before your eyes

In plain sight – human trafficking

Film by “Paving the Way” about Human Trafficking

Don’t Look Away: Human Trafficking Awareness Short Film

“DON’T LOOK AWAY” A Short Film

How to spot human trafficking: know the signs

What is Human Trafficking

How to spot human trafficking | Kanani Titchen

OBLIVIOUS (short film about sex-trafficking)

Know the Signs – Child Sexual Exploitation

Invisible: A Fight to End Human Trafficking Documentary

Inside the Nepalese Human Trafficking Industry

Survivor stories

Darlene’s Story: Trafficking Survivor

Sex Trafficking Survivor – A Woman’s True Story

SEX TRAFFICKING: A Survivor’s Traumatic Story

Human Trafficking Survivor Story: Dellena, California

Human trafficking – sold into sex slavery

Sold in America: The Workers

Sold in America: The Buyers

Sex trafficking isn’t what you think it is | Meghan Sobel

I Survived Sex Trafficking

Stopping human trafficking in aviation – success stories

Flight Attendant’s Quick Thinking Saves 15 Year Old From Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Victim Asks Flight Attendants for Help

Saved By Miracle: Alert Airline Agent Saves Teens From Modeling Predator

Hero Flight Attendant Saves Girl From Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking at Airport