Secure your galley

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We all get taught galley security and I understand why it needs to be done, but what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen? 

Flight attendants and cabin crew get taught the importance of galley security during training. Flight attendants have been injured by galleys not properly secure for takeoff/landing. One well-documented incident happened to a friend and coworker of mine on board Tower Air flight 41, from JFK – MIA on December 20, 1995. The heavy, steel ice cart came free from its galley stowage location and struck her while she was seated in her jumpseat at the R4 door of the 747. Years and multiple surgeries later, she never fully recovered from the injury from that cart that came free and hit her.

Galley security is very important and all crewmembers must give attention to every bin and cart in their galley and make sure they are properly secured for taxi, takeoff, landing, and when not in use during the flight. Now a passenger has been injured by an insecure galley cart coming out of the forward galley after takeoff. You can read the story here, American Air passenger says runaway beverage cart caused brain injury

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