Power Banks and the threat to safety

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Why do airlines make such a big deal about passengers bringing spare batteries to charge their phones?

This event that happened to a China Southern Airlines shows why it’s so important to comply with hazardous materials regulations, especially when it comes to power banks. Thankfully this occurred while the plane was still on the ground. Had it been in the air and fire extinguishers used, it’s possible a diversion would have been necessary when assessing the risk of a second fire onboard and the aircraft continuing to its final destination with a reduced number of available fire extinguishers. It will be interesting to learn what the rating of the power bank was, if it had been damaged, or was it a well-known brand or a cheap brand? We must wait for the investigative report to come out. Article by Channelnews Asia.

China Southern Airlines flight attendant fighting a fire caused by a power bank stored in a passenger’s carry-on luggage

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